Re-tec Engineering Solutions 2005 - 2024

We are a leading service provider specialzing in reversing engineering, 3D laser scanning, quality inspection, product design & drafting, rapid prototyping and component manufacture.

With over 20 years experience we have an extensive customer list across a range of industries and we will continue to develop and grow in order to support the changing industry requirements.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the quality and precision that we apply to every project we complete.

If you have any projects which we can help with, please contact us, or complete a request for quotation form and we will contact you shortly after.

our services


Laser scanning

Laser scanners capture the entire part geometry for inspection or reverse engineering purposes, covering both freeform surfaces and geometric features. Laser scanners are used with CMMs, articulated arms, optical CMMs or even robots. The resulting digital copy forms the backbone of a powerful digital inspection process that streamlines…


reverse engineering

Reverse engineering has become a standard procedure for engineers in a wide range of markets. The technique can be used in product development, production engineering, cost down programmes and refurbishing of components.  In situations where the engineer has only 2D data or no drawings at all,  Re-tec will scan the component and…


quality inspection

3D Laser scanning inspection and analysis is a new and powerful tool for design vs. manufactured comparison. Re-tec will use software that allows the comparison of ‘as manufactured data’ (the point cloud) to ‘as designed data’, (the CAD file) as well as part to part analysis. Using this powerful technique Re-tec can be used to…


product design

Re-tec understands the key to successful CAD outsourcing services is flexibility; the flexibility to tailor services to ‘fit’ your existing business processes, while consistently producing high quality drawings and CAD drawings at sensible, transparent costs. Our expertise ensures that we can quickly adopt your drawing standards…


Software support

Whether you need personnel trained to use metrology equipment or a specific software we can help. Our engineers have extensive experience using a wide variety of products and can provide support either on site or at our Belfast facility. We can provide CMM/PCDMIS CAD++ programming, Portable arm…