Laser Scanning & CMM Inspection

Re-tec is able to collect component data using both non contact laser scanning and touch probe. The combination of both data set ensures that both freeform surface geometry and critical geometric features can be captured accurately. We can also complete all scanning and probe inspection on site using our portable equipment which includes a Hexagon 7 axis scanning arm,  Hexagon T scan laser tracker and Blaze blue light system.

Laser scanners capture the entire part geometry for inspection or reverse engineering purposes, covering both freeform surfaces and geometric features. Laser scanners are used with CMMs, articulated arms, optical CMMs or even robots. The resulting digital copy forms the backbone of a powerful digital inspection process that streamlines inspection processes, reduces time to market and cuts development costs. 3D Laser Scanning accelerates design-through-manufacturing by providing full geometry feedback..

Using Hexagon scanning technology Re-tec is capable of high speed digitizing. The laser laser scanner picks up 19200 points every second and is mounted on a Renishaw PH10M, transforming the 3-axis mechanical CMM into a 5 axis optical digitizing device. The ability to adjust laser parameters enables engineers to capture complex and critical features of any physical object.

Non-Contact Laser Scanning

Key features include:

•  High speed scanning results. Accuracy @15 microns

•  Adjustable camera and laser intensity settings guarantee top data quality for different surfaces &  environments

•  Automated qualification of the PH10M orientations

•  Easy macro based path programming

Key benefits include:

•  Shorter lead times and higher quality

•  3D full part scanning optimizes and simplifies inspection and  reverse  engineering processes

•  Non-contact measurement for flexible or fragile parts

•  Automated scanning for batch inspection

CMM Touch Probe Measurement

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Inspection capabilities allow Re-tec Engineering Solutions to compare hardware with solid models.

Tolerances can be verified to an extremely high degree of accuracy. Re-tec can perform CMM Inspections on items up to 120 cm (47 in) long by 150 cm (59 in) wide by 100 cm (39 in) high.

The Volumetric Length Measuring Error (MPE E ) on Re-tec’s Brown & Sharpe CMM machines is a mere 0.017 microns.

Re-tec uses PC-DMIS CAD++ software which facilitates scanning functions and the ability to accurately measure impellers, inducers, turbine blades, and other complex curved shapes.

PC-DMIS CAD++ uses original CAD models for part programming and as a result, programming time is reduced, measuring accuracy is improved, and inspection throughput is increased.

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