Gas turbine repair

We can reverse engineer any component undergoing repair. Precision calibrated fixtures which integrate machining & measurement are then delivered to the repair facility. We have extensive experience with many OEM turbines, both industrial and aero.



Laser scanners are ideal for the inspection of large automotive parts, surface defects not obvious during early manufacture can be identified. We can also scan and reverse engineer tooling which may have undergone significant alterations and a replacement becomes necessary.


Medical training

We have used our laser scanning and data processing skills to help many customers with the medical industries. The laser system is used to capture human anatomy in a fine resolution which can then be reverse engineered and used within the CAD assembly. This high level of detail sets our customers products apart. 


museum / heritage & arts

Re-tec has worked with many museums across Europe, bringing priceless artefacts into the digital world. Our efficient services ensure that items remain undisturbed and all scanning is complete on site. Our quick response times have also proved invaluable for prop teams supplying film productions.

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